Jui 27

Simone Zaugg - Green Collections

Kleingärten Habsburg-Gaußstraße

Walk with the artist Simone Zaugg based on her instruction

Green Collection is an intervention by Simone Zaugg in and for the public space in Berlin Charlottenburg. With a poster, people are encouraged to collect natural greenery in the city in the vicinity of Bundesstraße 2, which leads from the centre to the periphery, from the city to the countryside and vice versa. People are asked to find small and large natural "green spaces" in their everyday life, in their neighbourhood and in their social space, to consciously perceive them and to capture them photographically. One of the oldest cultural techniques, collecting, becomes an artistic strategy in the digital age.

Information: simonezaugg@gmx.net

Simone Zaugg - Green Collections with Simone Zaugg. 27. Juni 2021