Simone Zaugg

Simone Zaugg (*1968, Bern) and subsequently studied there at the University, the School of Design and the University of the Arts. Her artistic strategy is based on the sensitive spatial, aural and physical contextualization of the participating public in context-related stagings. She sees her multimedia installations as enactments through which the viewer can move through time and space. She creates images and develops situations in which she counterbalances experiences of the private and public. Her works open up spaces for personal histories to give room for the mental activity needed in the process of creating images. As an artist, she responds to architectural, historical and social environments. She describes people as her physical and psychological frame of reference, serving as a yardstick and seismograph for her work. Her work has been shown a.o. at DA Kunsthaus, Germany, Kunsthalle Arbon, Switzerland, TentHaus Project Space, Norway or in public spaces in Vienna.