Art and urban nature exhibition

The exhibition (re)connecting.earth in Berlin brings together 16 international artists whose work deals with ecological issues and, more specifically, with the relationship between humans and nature in urban spaces. They developed instructions that offer viewers, in concrete and metaphorical ways, the possibility of direct interaction with other species: plants, animals or other objects that populate the city space.

Some of the approximately 70.000 allotment gardens in Berlin were already constructed during the first industrialization to bring nature closer to the citizens. Starting with a community of allotment gardens in Charlottenburg known for their innovative ecological and artistic approach, the exhibition (re)connecting.earth extends into the streets of Kreuzberg and into the art space Kurt-Kurt in Moabit, where visitors can discover additional works of some of the artists.

Whether in the allotment gardens at Habsburg Gaußstraße or in the public space on large billboards, the artistic instructions are placed in clear view to challenge city dwellers and be executed directly by passers-by. Everyone is invited to photograph their own interpretation of the instructions and to share the images with the artists and the public on the website and on social networks using the hashtag #reconnectingearth.